About Us

del Rios Family

Gus operates at the core of del Rios both in the vineyard and winery. He takes on a very hands-on approach because he believes it to be essential for a winemaker in order to stay connected and grounded to the land and vines.

Gus del Rio

Owner / Winemaker
Winemaking is an everlasting journey of improvement for Gus and he never ceases to innovate on his approach, includes designing his own barrique specs and exploring the nuances to winemaking techniques. Gus' career started in dentistry before passion for winemaking took over. He has now been a winemaker with over 2 decades of experience.

Esther del Rio

Esther del Rio is a huge part of del Rios' story. Originally from the small nation of Brunei, she shares a passion for food and wine. Esther creates the warm and embracing environment that is the del Rios estate, Anakie.

Nothing more rewarding than enjoying the fruits of labour with the sun on your shoulders

Esther and the boys
Esther and the del Rio boys have been a big part of the del Rios story from the very beginning. Working on the vineyard was a big part of the del Rio family life growing up.

Nowadays, you'll find Esther running the cellar door and the boys still frequently putting in a shift in the vineyard/winery.